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Amazed, that comment wasn't directed at you, don't worry. I meant that guy with the Adolf quote.

Some of the numbers are not 0-127, because they take the LSB message into account (eg: Volume can be transmitted as MSB/LSB pair using CC7 and CC39 in combination). That gives you a resolution of 16384 steps. Pan is set to center (16384/2 -1, because it starts at zero). Of course it's easy to let Reaper show the 0-127 values you are used to (tick "Raw mode" in ReaControlMIDI), but for some reason I happen to like it this way. Don't know what's so funny there, actually.

Screenshot shows a track with ReaControlMIDI plus JS:IX/MIDI_Tool II with the track control knobs I've chosen.
The whole shebang is loaded either as a track template or as FX chain with all track controls ready to go, depends on when I decide to need the controls (which is almost never...). I don't even really notice there are plugins on the track.
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