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Originally Posted by DarthFader View Post
That's nonsense in my book. I've been using reaper for more than 3 months and strongly feel that midi needs its own track type.

The ReaControlMIDI is just a bunch of fiddly nonsense.

If you had to use a ReaControlAudio to do basic audio manipulation, (volume, pan, etc) you'd see just how annoying it really is

Perfectly valid argument (and funny too)

I like one track type. It's awesome. But ReaControlMIDI is also very ReaInconvenient I agree. It *is* possible to have better integration of MIDI features to the one-track-type paradigm. There's no real obstacle to a universal track to also have MIDI controls alongside audio ones, without the need for plugins and complicated layering of windows. It's just not been done yet in Reaper. But it is possible.
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