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Nicely done, gofer. I'd fit that under the "...wasn't used to Reaper's way of doing something yet..." category. It's so user-configurable that by asking around we usually find out that just about anything we want can be set up, then saved as a default or easily-recallable template. And the things that can't be done are so often implemented when they're requested and discussed. I'd always vote for things to be as user-configurable as possible rather than have the software decide for me what a midi track or audio track (or aux track or mono track or stereo track) must always be configured a particular way, but too much user configurability risks lengthening the learning curve and alienating impatient people.

Seems like it'd be pretty easy to create a built-in "Midi track" template similar to what gofer created until the other editor changes can be solidified. Like we currently have "Insert - virtual instrument on new track" that automatically creates a new track with the VSTi inserted & all your routing set up for you according to the particular instrument's available outputs (which are also things we can do manually, but are much easier with the built-in "macro"). Maybe there could be an "Insert - New midi track" that implements a pre-configured header like gofer's?

Gofer, maybe you could write a quick guide on how you set that up and post it in an appropriate section? Or even have it added to the wiki...
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