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Originally Posted by captain caveman View Post
Implementing my deceptively simple Feature Request would get Reaper a lot of the nice MIDI functions of other MIDI sequencers. Logical Editor/.CAL scripting type functions using JS.....
I'd prefer to see MIDI in Reaper develop along the lines of Logic (as I remember it around v 6 or 7 anyway) with very clear selection boxes and tweakable values, such as pitch shift +- a certain number. This clarity leads to better music more quckly in my experence.

Cal scripts and deeply buried plugins do nothing for creativity in my opinion. After a MIDI or audio performance is down, then you can take your time if you like and perfect using these tools - the brain isn't really in that time slows down place anymore, where the best musical ideas happen.

In short, when it comes to MIDI, keep it as simple and intuitive as possible! Please...
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