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reaper is archaic in midi.

1-treating midi as seperate entities that must be imported/exported instead of integrated like other sequencers is a bad idea. integrate midi seamlessly like in sonar & cubase.

2-midi needs it's own track type instead of hammering it into the audio track type. it's pounding a square peg into a round hole. this must include selection boxes for choosing midi channel, bank, preset, etc for each track.

3-event list, the traditional kind. must have.

The one thing i love about midi in reaper is entering variable length notes with the mouse. Going back to sonar, for example, where each mouse click enters only a preset value (quarter note, for example) is so tedious that i can't stand it.

there's been so much work in all the other areas of reaper, i think it's about time midi got a major face lift, because midi has fallen way behind reaper's audio capabilities.
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