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Default Undo History, cannot remove last state

To me this looks like a bug, but since I'm sure that if it were a bug it would have been caught by someone by now (though I couldn't find anything in the forum), so I label it as a nitpick, for now.

In the Undo History, you cannot "Remove selected states from undo history (warning: cannot undo)" the top undo state.

Do the following:
1. Create a new project.
2. Insert three tracks.
3. Open the undo history.
4. Select the top three states.
5. Right-click and select "Remove selected states..."

It does not remove the selected states. It removes the selected states, bar the top one. Right-click the top state and try to "Remove selected states..." No go. You also cannot remove all undo states, one necessarily remains because of this bug/feature...

Is this really as it should be?
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