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Originally Posted by dinoc View Post
should jack transport sync be working with gninjam?
I tried it with qjackctl and ardour and it was no go.

In the last version of cninjam from torbenh it worked, not perfectly (according to torbenh), but other jack transport-able apps did respond and saynced to cninjam.
I also read in your site that a jack transport fix was applied to gninjam in version 0.02-6.
Or is that fix for some other functionality?
Well, I merged that fix, because Torben told me, that with that one the jack transport would work better. But actually I also had problems with jack transport. At least in the old version it seemed to work somehow when I did not start the jack daemon through qjackctl, but by executing it by hand on the command line or automatically through the ardour and co. When I started jackd through qjackctl the time in qjackctl turned crazy and had random values assigned:-(, at least it seemed so.
At least on my laptop I had problems using ardour with gninjam and jack transport. Somehow my system was too slow or so. Because when I ran hydrogen in parallel the drum loops were completely broken. But running hydrogen alone with gninjam did work to some extend. It automatically synced to a bar to line up with ninjam.

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