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Originally Posted by MT_ View Post
Would be glad to be wrong. Some first-hand clarification would be welcome.

What would Reaper 6.0 do at OS-level zoom of 300% or 400%? Would the theme be automatically scaled accordingly, or would the theme scale be limited to 200% (and therefore Reaper GUI would be 1.5x [at 300% OS-level zoom] or 2x [at 400%] smaller than should be)? Thanks.
I think there is some confusion here - there is no maximum zoom specified as far as I'm aware (and White Tie has just confirmed I believe). The additional scaled-up layouts are a separate option to the new HiDPI scaling modes, and probably won't be necessary for most users with standard sized monitors now that we have both 'multimonitor aware' and 'multimonitor aware+ignore'.

If you are using multimonitor aware mode, then surely you can see the theme IS scaling with your OS scaling settings, and it's not limited to only three sizes? Is that not what you are asking about? Or you could just set your own OS scaling to 300% and check it yourself...
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