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Originally Posted by moss View Post
Use only the OSC the other one is experimental (and should not have been in the release). I tested on Windows but could not replicate a problem.
Can you give me the exact steps what you did? Did I get this right: you also have a Kontrol MkII and it works fine?
Hi Moss!

I had my friend swap over to OSC and the same problem still applies.

We create a track, arm the track and monitor it. Open Maschine, or Komplete Kontrol, but I'll get to that, as FX on the track.

Interestingly, the transport no longer functioning occurs within Maschine VST; using the KKMK2 with Maschine is the main selling point (hence all the buttons and two screens).

When using the KKMK2 with the Komplete Kontrol VST, the transport continues to function, which is what my experience with it was. I tried Maschine, but the same problem as his occurs.

However, when you have Maschine VST running and you press the Instance key on the KKMK2 and select it with the 4D encoder (press inwards), the transport stops functioning, but the rest of it continues to work just fine. Frustrating not being able to use the transport.

I noticed that you said you do not have Maschine so could not help another user. If you need to temporarily take the Maschine software for a spin then I can arrange this for you in private, hardware is not needed, you only need the KKMK2. :- ) Would love to buy you a few cold/hot ones if you can figure this out!
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