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Default MIDI buses, channels

Originally Posted by schwa View Post
Doable, but I'd like some more feedback on how general this is, that instruments represent different expressions via different MIDI channels. And this seems lower in priority than keyswitches or VST3 expression, because it's not triggering events that can't be created in other ways -- it's as easy to set note channels in the MIDI editor as it is to add notation.
I would like to stream midi (through midi send) from one track with no vsti to many separate tracks with vsti (about 100 tracks-articulationst) sending midi to different midi buses and channels (REAPER). I'd prefer to switch articulations acting on Notation Events. For this I request:
- Possibility to use Articulation Maps without vsti / any fx inserted. Maybe imbedded in midi editor as a flouting window per track. Or option to have a mapper in plugin format (maybe js)...
- Option to switch midi bus and channel in 'toggle mode'. All CCs with notes go to a new channel and bus after a switcher (a notation event).
- Note Off messages should go to the same channel+buss as a Note On was sent to. (Without note hang)
- The switcher should work wherever to play from - after the switcher or through.

An other idea how to have 100 articulations for one track is to insert 100 vsti plugins on one track... But again... I need access to midi busses in this case.

ps:Please forgive me my English.

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