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Originally Posted by kindafishy View Post
I've been using Ignite Amps SHB-1 lately. I think it's excellent. All the Ignite plugins are very, very good IMO.

If you stick their TPA-1 in front of it, it opens up some more possibilities. Follow it up with an IR loader or not if you wish (they also have NadIR).

I have just been using the SHB-1 with my DI bass signal with no other cabinet or anything and I am quite happy with the tones I am getting.
SHB-1 is nice, but TPA-1 ?, I normally prefer subtle plugins, but this one does not work at all, no difference in sound when inserted, turning "presence" and or "Depth" knob does not change sound either, only "volume" knob seems to work ?!
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