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Look up overloud's Mark Bass VST and try it out. Right now it is $82.39 at audiodeluxe so it's a reasonable price and it doesn't use Ilok which rules out Softube and Line6 which are both pretty good also. Studio Devil I always thought, when I used it 5 years ago, was kind of geared a little more towards metal than you might want. I'm sure they've updated it since then so I bet it's better now.

Mark Bass makes a great bass amp for a jazz, funk, fusion tone so it will probably be a good one to go with but I haven't tried it out in a while so definitely try before you buy but that would be my best suggestion for a vst.

Another good idea would be a hardware solution which I currently own...a used Eden WTDI. I bought mine for $85 used and it really does sound exactly like an Eden because it is an Eden and has a touch of compression which for the studio is never a bad thing. This is a great DI to get an excellent bass tone.

I also have more Bass DI's that if you would post about a minute or so clip of you playing direct I could run it through some pedals and give you a perfect example of what each pedal sounds like, but it's up to you I know some people are shy about posting clips.
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