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Originally Posted by Lokasenna View Post
That would also mean that less of the high content is hitting your ears.

You're honestly the first person I've ever seen suggesting that 60 degrees is not ideal - the companies who build the monitors recommend it, the people who specialize in room acoustics recommend it, and the fact that our ears are only six inches apart would seem to recommend it.
I've been trying to explain to a lot of people that the equilateral triangle setup for near-field monitors isn't necessarily the ideal one for a long time.

First, it results in a very narrow sweet spot. Second, there's not a lot of speakers (near-field or orher) that don't bundle a lot of highs, resulting in a frequency curve that's dominated by highs.

The fact that I'm overly sensitive to 7-8 kHz (a result from hyperacusis) has long kept me from pushing other people to consider breaking the equilateral triangle rule. When I discussed it with some acousticians, it came up that the guy who invented the rule, never meant it to be a rule. It was just a remark in a book, describing a position to start from...
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