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Originally Posted by hopi View Post
lovely tool panda... I wonder if it can be tweaked to work with Inline MIDI Editor in reaper?

Seems to have no affect there at all
I don't think this is possible, api access into the Inline MIDI Editor is very limited. But even if it was possible I'm not going to do it.

Originally Posted by srdmusic View Post
This is fantastic, thank you!!!!

Can you give us the ability to change the font? The current font is a little hard to read on my Windows 10 machine. Also, can you give us the ability to scale the size of Chord gun? I have a very large touch screen in front of me and it would be really nice to be able to up the resolution of Chord Gun to full screen 2k.
No unfortunately what you see is the best possible choice, that's the default font. If you select a different font then it comes out really blurry, I think there is something wrong with the way Reaper API handles fonts or maybe it's related to mac retina compatibility.

The windowing capability of the Reaper API is very limited, so all the elements are a static size. To make sizes dynamic would be a lot of work, it's not something I'm going to do.

Originally Posted by zigzag312 View Post
Pandabot, how did you name notes in the piano roll by the scale degrees (like shown in the video)?
I have this code running

It listens for the midi editor to open, then grabs the ChordGun values and updates the note names appropriately. It's not fit for public consumption though, has all sorts of custom stuff coupled into it. An interested person should be able to extract it and package it up though, that would be nice.

Originally Posted by todd_r View Post
Is there a way to audition chords without inserting?
Yeah it will audition chords without inserting if the midi editor is closed. If the midi editor is opened then it thinks you want to insert. I went back and forth on if it should be shift-click or not but decided to keep it simple and not use modifiers.

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