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You're welcome!

If the JS plugins don't show in the fx browser after placing them in the right folder and re-starting Reaper, try a full re-scan of the plugins.

Also based on the description tag (or lack thereof) in some JS files, you might find them named differently than you expect in the fx list. I've noticed this with some JS plugins including some of Witti's that I've added. If you can't seem to find a specific JS plugin, you may want to open the JS plugin file in a text editor and see if it has a different name somewhere in the top few lines that provides a clue about that. (Look for something like "desc: XXXX")

As for the file extension names, it doesn't seem to matter if the JS plugins have none at all, or whether they have the following extensions: jsfx, txt (I have JS in my effects folder with all of those possibilities, and they're all in Reaper).
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