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I'm listening to their work now. I certainly lust after having that M400.

If you guys are interested the Mellotron community is fairly easy to get to know. newmellotrongroup on yahoo and there's also a group on facebook.

Also, if you have a pretty penny to shell out the Mellotrons are back in production, with updates. Markus Resch owns the brandname and produces an improved version of the M400 in Sweeden, the MkVI.

Meanwhile, John Bradley, the son of one of the original Bradley brothers has paired up with Martin Smith and have re-opened production in Birmingham, England. They do not own the brandname but are the original Streetly Electronics/Bradmatics that built these things before a rights bungle in the US in the 80s. They are producing an enhanced and more reliable version of half of a MkII, in an oversized M400 style cabinet, this is the M4000.

Both companies have also gotten into the digital sampling realm with various products, all of high quality, and less price than the tape-based machines.


Someday I too will have one. Until then, I have a finely curated library of samples that were gifted to me. Not sure their provenance but they are GOOD.
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