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Hi 111,

I'm testing a live-rig these times, on a 2007 (!!!!) Core2duo/4Gb ram laptop on Win7 64bit ,
with a Steinberg UR44 USB interface with 10ms roundtrip latency .
Running the test with Reaper 5.04 64bit in the following setup:

12 projects/songs open in tabs (loaded/saved as project list via SWS extension)
Each with the following region/routing/track/plugins setup :

-Each song has its "Intro-Verses-Choruses etc..." regions
-Playback folder (containing 16 separate 48/24 keyboard , loop & instruments stems)
-Countdown/click track (routed to drummer)
-Delay send bus
-Reverb send bus
-input 1 HiZ E.GTR (IK Amplitube (in Eco mode) on inputfx) "played live"
-input 2 12-string (UR44-DSP channelstrip , reverb send) "played live"
-input 3 Voice 1 (UR44-DSP channelstrip , reverb send) "played live"
-input 4 Voice 2 (UR44-DSP channelstrip , reverb send) "played live"
-All tracks (except countdown/click) have sends to hardware outputs 3/4 as well

-Outputs 1/2 have whole mix + countdown/click routed to drummer's & my in-ears
-Outputs 3/4 have whole mix routed to PA & lead singer's in-ears

Switching tabs to switch songs is fast , and tested this config during a 4-hour rehearsal without any crash , instability or glitch so far .
And I'm comfortable with 4.7in/5.2out ms latency .

Hope this gives you an idea of what you may expect .

Remco Z
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