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Originally Posted by Fergler View Post
I HIGHLY recommend this plugin for you:
Phybes does sound excellent. Especially the res/run ("rotor") modulation is perfect! Unfortunately Phybes does not answer to MIDI Note-On Velocity and Damper Pedal. So I don't think I can use it.

To me the simple FM algorithm for the "bars" and the "resonators" does not sound that much worse in a certain note-range.

I suppose some kind of sweeping highpass filter instead of the tremolo might provide some improvement to my vibe simulation. Using a Phaser here sounds slightly less authentic than the tremolo, but extremely "pleasant". I'll try to do a "sweeping resonant highpass" JSFX, or a synchronized "Tremolo-and-Phaser" thingy.

I'll be back with a sound example when I think I got an improvement.


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