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wow, thanks! It seems it is going to be fine.

Anyway in order to keep the redd51 look I was after, would it be possible to use the image I post originally(and the needle with little heart shape in the middle)? I mean the image file instead creating a new image.
I think that we could replace the text on the white background from the image and write credits for or whatever you want. I also would add the red clip point but without "clip" word and let the ref data hidden or in other "menu" page so itīs just the meter.

Well anyway I thank you a lot for helping on this, the meter bridge will be great. For me itīs good 4 but I think itīs maybe better if you could select the number of them for every project.

Do you want a good scan of the bridge meter image I posted?

About size, for me it would be nice just a little smaller but not too much thinking I need 4 so 75%(?) of the size you posted itīs nice for me. Or I dont know if it 's possible to do it allowing user to select size, something like small/big?

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