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Oh, itīs maybe I didnīt explain the matter well.

I use winrar and I open the Default_4.0.ReaperThemeZip file with it, I mean "Open" not "extract", so I am working all the time with the file open in winrar. Everytime I do some changes (-Change and save the rtconfig.txt- or -drop any png inside rar window- or -create a folder inside rar window-) I am working with the file open in winrar. If I drop a png winrar itself ask me about saving changes and it keeps open.

Maybe this can be the problem?

I am telling this because you told "when I rezipped the theme file" so it leads me to think about it.

And remember to reload the theme to see changes.
Please ask whatever you need, feel free to do it, because it is possible to get it and it is maybe some silly thing stopping you.
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