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Originally Posted by foxAsteria View Post
Heheh, yea. How did it stick tho? My brother about to start his 40th attempt even though he can only remember the last 3...
One rule I set for myself was to not smoke at home, but failing that then certainly not inside the house. So failing at the first step still left some disincentives at times like it might be raining, too hot/cold outside etc. That helped to cut down generally.

So I more or less became a "social smoker" meaning mainly with friends when out somewhere or at some party or gig or whatever which was quite often esp back then. Then I stopped buying packs of cigarettes and instead bought them individually from friends or whoever at those social gatherings, i.e when I was at the point of least resistance.

Which meant I went home without any cigarettes to feed the addiction the following day. I got that cycle to stick, and now I might have a few cigarettes at those times but usually not and I haven't bought a pack in probably the last 15 years or so.
And get me that mix, yungun, or yer outta the club! I should start an endless excuses club though. I could really set an example.
That mix is coming, working on it now, always good to run bass n drums solo'd for a check, there's some major improvement in the basslines as well, cheers fox, I intend to continue support for this thread, I work alone [other than collabs] on my song projects and I find it motivational, I put in quite a session or three immediately before posting that last version, which left quite some more to do but really advanced the project.
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