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Originally Posted by foxAsteria View Post
Ok I put you guys on the list.

@Morgon - why you remove link, yo? I hope I didn't drive you away with my critical nature...sorry bout that. Hope I didn't hurt your feelings.
I only removed it with the intention of replacing it with an updated version, the drums of the last 20 secs and some fills mainly were in need of fixing. Meanwhile dun..dun dun..dun I realised the gtr I use for recording has significant intonation issues and is out of service pending full fret job/truss and bridge adjustment. It wasn't real obvious on the track I posted but I've had to redo tracks on other songs with a second gtr. So I got a bit distracted but I'll repost it soon, already fixed most of the oinks in it several days back, now I'll have a fresh listen to make sure it's okay then repost it.

Good news is we seem to be increasing our success to failure ratio here. Let's all become procrastiMasters!
Yep, I figure even the attempt to make the due date helps forward the process, took me half a dozen attempts to stop smoking years ago, iow five failures was the recipe for success.
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