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Originally Posted by foxAsteria View Post
@morgon - funky tune dude.
The guitar tones are cool and everything seems pretty locked in, but the drums are really wonky. Idk if the swing thing is quite working and they are badly out of time, which is very distracting. Are you done or still working on it?
There's a few places where the drums are really out, most of the drumtrack is okay though I think, I just listened to the isolated bass and drums and yeah I badly missed some copy paste adjustments, some timing conversion on fills etc. It's funny how I when I get a bit tired of a track that I miss picking up what is glaringly obvious to a new listener, bc I'm not really listening to the track anymore. I mean if I come back a week later, any error really stands out. Psychoacoustics or something. I swear that on the first record I made there's an entire half of a drumtrack with no hi hats, a completely unintentional oversight!

Anyways that's why the track isn't public on Soundcloud, I always need at least a few days away then another critical listen esp after juggling arrangements around etc.

How are you going about doing those? Lemme know if I'm being too critical, but I notice that in many of your tracks; that the drums are kinda sabotaging the rhythm, as if they've been half quantized to the wrong gridlines.
It's to do with a combination of freetime and swingbeat, if I start with e.g gtr + vocal only and build from there then I need to be careful not to duplicate timing errors that have resulted from the original tracks laid down when I barely knew the song.
Also, do you buss the drums and compress the buss at all? I find that's often more important to the overall sound of the drums than dialing in each drum track, which can always be done later to improve it even more.
Oh okay, thanks for the tip, just had a look and no drum buss, only individual tracks routed from a midi track, so I'll assign them to a buss and see what I can do, cheers.
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