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Originally Posted by Triode View Post
dev1009 .... Is this a (railway) track-laying exercise (not enough numbers before 6?)
There's a new notice on Landoleet:

Notes on versioning (the numbers here are for example purposes only):

1. 596: release version (though if it is here, it means it has likely not yet been released)

2. 597pre1, 597rc1: pre-release versions. The functionality of this version will usually
(though not always) end up in the next release.

3. 596+dev1009: development version. Includes functionality that will likely not end up in
the next release (and may not end up in any release, ever). The version number of these
builds includes the last release/pre-release that build was based on, and the four digit
number following +dev references the month and day the build was made.

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