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BTW.: Regarding Glide:

Now that I do have a Rise 49, and use it in standard configuration (no tweaking by the Dashboard):

Hitting the Keywaves-pad anywhere always creates a not shifted semitone (PitchBend zero).

Hitting a second spot does a glide when it is within a semitone distance, otherwise it starts a new note. Hence doing a decent trill is not possible in this setting even with the current version of "MIDI MPE to single Channel". I supposedly will try to enhance "MIDI MPE to single Channel" to detect a semitone hopping PitchBend and convert this to a note-on in "Mono" mode.

To do a glide of any width you can instead use a "natural" gesture with a single finger, but for a keyboarder that is rather uncommon and it's hampered by the "keywave" structure.

Alternatively I am still considering to try to send a "Dashboard" SysEx configuration message to the Rise when initiating a Patch change.


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