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Installing a LUA or EEL script

  • download the attachment,
  • if needed, unZip the file or remove the .txt file extension (or both),
  • in Reaper, open the Scripts folder by clicking [Options] >> "Show Reaper resource path ..." then selecting "Scripts",
  • put the LUA or EEL script file in (a sub-folder in) Reaper's AppData / Scripts folder (in Windows), or Reaper's ~/Library/Application Support/REAPER/Effects folder (in OSX),
  • restart Reaper,
  • open the Action List, select the relevant section ('Main', 'MIDI Editor' etc),
  • select "New / Load" in the ReaScript row,
  • select the file to be added, click [Open].
The script will now be available in the Action List and can be Run from there, or added to a Menu or Toolbar button.

Other files may be included with the script file itself. If so, then the developer should provide specific instructions for installing those files.
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