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Originally Posted by Reason View Post
That's going to be a little different. Mick Gordon's process is pretty involved - he's an experienced pro and will have a number of tricks up his sleeve to get an interesting timbre. To say nothing of experimentation.

This is a good watch. Not a tutorial by any stretch, but very interesting:

It's been a while since I watched it, but as I recall he was running sounds through 4 compressors in parallel or something, plus doing some other crazy stuff.
so thx again for this thing man, watched the whole thing, interesting and very insightful. Had NO clue so much went into such a track, damn.

Yeah so turns out that's all you need to create the saw/guitar tone:

(with Pedal 1, Pedal 2, Pedal 3 etc... being tube screamers, distortions, phasers, all that stuff)
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