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Default High quality Nebula libraries - Henry Olonga

Hi guys,

I hope it will be okay to post this here. Its been a really long time since I posted but I am loving popping in once in a while. Just a little message to let folks know what I have been up to in case they have missed it.

Long and short is that in addition to making my next album I have been exploring some things. Firstly, getting to use Nebula smoothly on my powerful PC - Sonar always had aweful glitching. Reaper came out on top no surprises. I also sample with Reaper and there ain't no going back.

Well onto that - I have been developing for the Nebula platform and have made many free libraries for the Nebula community. I was allowed to become a third party developer a few months ago. It has taken a while and a lot of experimenting but I believe that the libraries I have created surpass most peoples expectations of what is possible in the box. I have pushed the envelope and sampled using Prismsound Orpheus convertors at 192 khz and the libraries have very, very good detail. Most libraries are available in both 192 khz and 96 khz with 44.1 khz library upgrades ( downgrades? LOL ) coming in due course.

I have numerous full quality 10 kernel Free demos dotted around the place on the site so please have a listen and give me feedback so I can serve the community. You will need a licensed version of Nebula 3.

Now the great news. I have official permission from Casey of Bricasti to develop a Bricasti library for free for the Nebula community in conjunction with another high profile Nebula Third party developer. It will be a massive undertaking so support for my other libraries will enable me to have time to do it. Also a portion of all sales of my presets goes towards the charity I support in Zimbabwe - the mumvuri project, an orphanage.

Do get in touch if I can help in any way. I would also request that if anyone has any preset requests for hardware that you like to see sampled do let me know- it helps if it is easy to source of course. An EMI REDD47 may be a stretch. Also if you are in the UK and would love to have your precious, fragile hardware preserved for posterity before it dies, give me a shout and it would be my pleasure to pursue the possibility of digitally archiving your sounds using Nebula. Perhaps a community edition of these libraries will emerge as a result.

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