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Originally Posted by serr View Post
I think we're saying the same thing in a way.
When the Youtube destruction is 1000x more glaring than whatever the subtlety trying to be pointed out and the uploader seems genuinely oblivious to that, kind of a hard argument to take seriously.
That sounds a little hyperbolic tbh. Just my opinion - I assume I don't have the ears I had when I was 25 but when I upload a video with the audio set to 48/24 PCM, I'm not falling out of my chair with audio losses when I hear the result. It does compress but the amount vs what people describe seems way out of proportion when I do the same comparison through my $3k set of monitors in a treated room.

Hint: If a null test is required to demonstrate the difference, it is by definition minute and minuscule. I need to make that my new sig, be right back.
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