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Originally Posted by pipelineaudio View Post
To me thats a good thing. Given the hyperbolic claims given for all this stuff, if it cant survive a crap conversion, at least that hyperbolic part of it is a lie
I think we're saying the same thing in a way.
When the Youtube destruction is 1000x more glaring than whatever the subtlety trying to be pointed out and the uploader seems genuinely oblivious to that, kind of a hard argument to take seriously.

Originally Posted by fred garvin View Post
"Tape is extinct. Good riddance." - Jack Endino

But seriously, for starters pseudoscience, yah? Confirmation bias exemplified. You could just as easily make a video featuring tape that sounded awful and MP3s that sounded great.

Also as MP3s and the well known weaknesses of same are pretty much unnecessary anymore as bandwidth rises and storage cost falls, why bother beating that horse? How does FLAC and the various hi def audio formats compare?

Re tape sims, same same. Why pick the "Famous Producer", so guaranteed to have idiosyncrasies per his style, brand? You can SEE the compression in the wave display FFS. Slate claims theirs is indistinguishable from the model simulated. Is it? Who knows? Who's to judge? Does it sound good?

To me that's the real question, can digital sound good? I think yes. Regardless, no one (statistically speaking) is going back to lugging briefcases of cassettes around. Tape in production will remain a boutique option as long as there are clients willing to pay what it takes. Rising cost and diminishing returns will wash that away sooner or later.

But yeah, tape is cool. Might as well enjoy it while you can I guess.
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