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I'm no guitarist, either, but one of my favourite amps to record recently is a '72 Fender Quad Reverb modified/trimmed to only 2 speakers, like a Twin. As with most Fender tube amps, start with mids @7 or 8, and with bass and treble @min. Then slowly add bass and top end, if you like.
I don't know if it makes sense to catch the 'crunch' in a cab program, but this thing is very sensitive to input impedances, so input "1" will sound completely different from "2", IF the connected source does support it. Same applies to the "bright" switch, but i guess you already know that
It's an amazing amp, cuts through all the time and simply sounds "right", even in modest settings.

Another great amp to consider IMO – for the clean (funky) rhythm player – is the short-lived Pignose G40V (not the small 7/100!). Strum a Tele, and you'll instantly know what do do The library would probably end up with one single program, haha.
That said: have you ever thought about plugging a (fixed setting) wah pedal in the chain for thinning out the sound? That way the library could get quite large – and useful!

Ah yes, mics!?!? If they carry an AKG D120C, absolutely look into that for close micing. It's my preferred close amp mic by far! Add a nice LDC for ambience, and you're done. In my very humble non-metal-recording opinion

EDIT: ...and we need bass cabs!!!!!!!!!!!!! Old 'Acoustic' and Polytone!
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