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Hi guys,

In London again soon on unrelated business but have some studio time for a small window. Need some advice from the strummers. Would like to maximise my time. This studio has an amazing collection of big amps and Cabs and I mean classic stuff.

First, I am not a guitarist. It would be great to hear from guitarists on what the best amps are out there in their opinion. They don't have everything but they have plenty of the standard classic stuff.

Second. Favourite settings if any?

This will be a custom set and I am hoping to create a truly cutting edge toolset so it would help to have end user input.

Post processing will be done through Helios, Neve, Api, Vortexion and EMI gear. It may end up being quite large but I hope it will be one of the most realistic ITB cabs collection.

Look forward to hearing from you.
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