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Default New releases

Hey guys,

New products added today. Way too many to list here but amps, mics, mojo and quick mix tools. Basically everything on sale is new since my last update.

The amps are very realistic. The G-drive is your friend.

I also have updates for some of the earlier 192 khz only preset packs in the sample rate upgrades section. I am almost there now with the earliest libraries.

The big news is that the latest stuff from February has the G-drive added. This may not occur to you now but this is a big deal. The G-drive just about is the best free upgrade for the libraries that you will get that will give you so much more flexibility in getting into the sweet spot of the hardware sampling. I have been amazed at how much you miss without it.
I will be adding the G-drive over time as I work through my previous samplings. I have changed my mind and will not be renaming them with a _G suffix so these will replace your old files. If this bothers you and you want backward compatibility, you can always rename the new ones but once you hear the difference you may want to remix everything because it is just so much better.
Please delete the recent G-drive updates. Now a word of warning - some work better with it and some give audible artifacts. You don't have to use it but it can add what you have been missing. I am starting from scratch today.

The Updates I have uploaded now are
Big Guitar Amp
NV Smooth Electric - 192 khz
NV Vocality - 192 khz
Quick Kick 192/96khz
Small Phender Amp
Tiny Guitar amp
Tape Sim - All sample rates

The future - I will be focussing on Amps for the next few weeks as I try to source some high quality, high end amps and spaces. I will also be bringing out a series based around the extraordinary EMI Preamps. Stuff plugged into stuff, you know that sort of thing. Hope you find the recent stuff useful.

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