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Hey Henry,
thanks for the long explanation! I wasn't aware of the "gentleman's agreement" part of the story. But to be honest, the snapshot approach does work okay. The only reason I used the word "worse" in my reply was Jason who already seems to have problems with Nebula's generic GUI Now imagine him being forced to use "static" snapshots of EQ and the like, haha.

@Jason: re the Nebula EQ workflow I often use an algorithmic EQ first in order to sweep through the frequencies. When I know where to boost and/or to cut, I'll fire up a Nebula EQ that would fit the sonic character of the instrument track, be it parametric or static. Like many Nebularians, you'll soon find your to-go programs, one example is the Massive Pa..., sorry, the Mammoth set to "cut" and "3.3k" .

And btw. Henry's "Titan" library is killer the 4 preamp programs alone would be worth buying!
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