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Originally Posted by ngarjuna View Post
Henry you're on a serious roll! Congrats on the newest round of programs.
Thanks ngarjuna - been a busy week. A few more yet to come.

Originally Posted by beingmf View Post
They're no different than other libraries well in fact they're probably even worse because Henry usually samples ONE snapshot. There's no parameters.
Hey beingmf,

Sorry for a longish reply but this is my two cents just for the sake of anyone unfamiliar with my tools. In fairness I sample a lot of snapshots because I have a 'gentleman's agreement' with some other third party developers; ostensibly to leave room for them to continue to earn a living from a craft that I am coming late to the party to. So I had to use some imagination as I decided that I won't do paramaetric eqs and compressors with controls.

Although it is true that I give little wiggle room with 'snapshots' it need not equate to 'worse' IMHO. I do sample a lot of pres and tones primarily and they dominate my shop. I am all about tones. However I have only recently begun to realy dig into making the snapshots as they are so useful to some people who want to mix quickly - feedback I get anyway. It depends on which library you go for of course as consoles,tape sims, preamps, reverbs and mojo presets are effectively snapshots that give little room to tweak anyway.( Apart from wet dry with verbs). It is only eqs and compressors that require adjustments. But I do sample compressors for their tone and offer the chance for full adjustment when used in conjuction with an algorithmic plugin which gives customers more control than even nebula can give. Is it authentic? Well it gets you awefully close. So it really is only eqs left then. My approach is different as stated.

In the case of an equalised chain that I create, the one preset has all the information of multiple interacting bands in one nebula instance, just like the hardware at 'realtime bounce time', something multiple instances cannot truly replicate. I make mix decisions on real material with real interacting curves. I do try to cover the main areas of an instrument that most engineers would look to adjust. The snapshots are also comprised of ten distortion kernels so arguably offers the best quality Nebula can offer. I tried to create enough presets per library to cover most bases but learned that I cannot cover everything. The most thorough package of this sort that I have made has been the G-20 Acoustica which has 30 presets per sample rate. 90 in total. I think at least one of them should work in most mixing sessions. But that was overkill so I am limiting to about 10 to 15 presets now but working on making about 10 packages per piece of hardware to cover a typical band plus piano, strings, horns etc. so there is much more coming. I am also going to make chains of hardware. So where does it leave you? Well, my mix decisions may not get you 100 % of the way there and that's why I suggest that you use your own digital tools to carve the sound to what you want usually with an emulation plugin of the hardware. I usually leave an un-equalised preset for this purpose in most series as it is. That preset will retain most of the goodnes of the piece. In the case of a channel strip lke the Console strip - I first made the individual components - preamp, DI, the whole strip and the output. I then made snapshots for those who want to mix quickly with good quality. It is not for tweak heads admittedly but don't knock it till you've tried it. I use my own presets in my own mixing and man it is super fast if the presets work. Set and forget. This is not for purists I admit and folk who want total control can use the tools of the other developers as they are so thorough. These tools are for anyone who wants quick instant feedback but quality results.

Most of my presets are about 2 at launch so one can get a feel for the compromise my workflow imposes cheaply at least by simply trying a fail proof option like a preamp or tape sim.

As far as the GUI - I think the skins do make a difference but I love that I can access all my programs in one place. I guess we all love a bit of eye candy but I agree with you the sonic improvements of using nebula far outweigh its appearance. Sorry for the convoluted response.

Peace and take care
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