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Dang, I wish more people voted. Even so, feedback is more important to me.

I thought the mixes were very good this month so most of what I'm about to write are nitpicks.

1 - A little narrow on the chorus and a little bit of frequency imbalance (too muddy, not bright enough). Bass is a little too loud and the piano often gets lost (maybe an artistic choice?).

2 - Piano's really quiet on this one too. Guitars very clear and upfront. Chorus doesn't hit hard enough. Too much verb on the backing vox. Vocal levels inconsistent in verse 2. Panning on the guitar solo doesn't work well. I like the grit on the lead vox.

3 - Hats a little loud in the first verse. Chorus hits well. Kick a little spitty ("thbbbt!"). Not sure about the backing vox panning. Drums take over a little too much right before the second chorus. Guitar solo is lacking one of the parts.

4 - Mine. I used songs from The Wallflowers album Bringing Down the Horse for reference.

5 - Very dry and quite narrow. Drums are well-processed but too loud. This is the only entry where the snare roll going into the final chorus is clearly audible so I need to give big props for that. I didn't even hear it when I was mixing it! Bass and kick very tight in this one. Like the vocal effect on "tick tock" right before the last chorus. Backing vox a little loud at the end of last chorus. I like that you cleaned up the timing on the final hit.

6 - Too much reverb with too long tail on snare and also on the vox during the chorus and second verse, especially the backing vox. Guitar solo is lacking one of the parts and the two parts that are there are not quite level balanced. I noticed during the outro that your snare is hitting harder than your bass drum. (They should hit about the same imo.)

7 - Guitars and bass are nice in the intro. Chorus doesn't hit hard though and the panning on the backing vox is a bit much to handle. LOL @ the lalalala part. Good idea to add a delay throw to the "world explodes" falsetto part. Mix is a bit dark overall and doesn't feature much dynamic range. It feels like everyone is playing as loud as possible at all times, which is not how the actual performance was and it's a little fatiguing to listen to.

8 - I don't know what happened with this one. Did you slow it down? I like the balance of the piano and guitars during the chorus, although I bet the piano could come down 1 db or so. Also in each of the chorus backing vox phrases the third "bop!" is noticeably louder than all the others. It's like this for every phrase. Overall balance is good in this one.

9 - The frequency balance is a bit off and the mix as a whole is pretty narrow but the lead vox treatment is quite good in most parts.

10 - Too much reverb. I don't like the lead guitar parts dancing back and forth between the speakers. I think it was meant to be treated as a single take. The featuring of the organ at 4:10 was perfect, and I think you're the only one who did this.

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