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Default Feedback on December 2018 mixes

I missed the voting window because of the holiday but did want to share some feedback. Solid mixes this month. Here are my critiques:

1. The organ is a little too loud at the beginning (it sits better later in the song). At the very end of the first chorus, the line “you and me and the radio” gets drowned out – vocals need to be automated up there. The kick and snare, or maybe all the drums in general, need to come up in my opinion. The piano part near the end needs to come up. Listening to this mix, I find myself wanting to tinker with an EQ on the master track (maybe a cut in the mids somewhere and a slight boost in the highs somewhere).

2. The vocals are very up front in this mix. I’m not a fan of the L and R panning of the one guitar solo part. I assumed that they meant for that to be one seamless part but recorded two parts separately to get the best result. Not a big deal though. I feel like the bass guitar could use a boost in the high-mids or some distortion to help it cut through. The kick is cutting through really well but the snare not so much.

3. The first thing that strikes me is how dry the lead vocal is – is there no delay or reverb at all on the lead vocal? The lead vocal also might be just a little low in the mix. Left out parts of the one guitar solo? Drums sound good. Overall good and clear.

4. This mixer did a great job on the piano in particular. The piano comes through in the intro better than it does in most mixes, it sounds great during the choruses, and during the outro it sounds amazing. The piano gets buried in many of the mixes, but it sounds killer in this mix. I feel like I’m hearing the snare primarily from the overheads and not the close mic (and therefore the snare isn’t loud enough). I’m not sure how I feel about the lead vocal just before the final chorus comes in (“She grinned at me with those big green eyes and said”). It’s really cranked up there… but one could argue that it makes more sense to leave it back in the mix a bit to help the chorus hit harder.

5. Good and up-front snare sound… and I rarely think that a snare is too loud, but it might be in this mix. Hi-hat seems to be panned very far left, which I’m not a fan of. See my comment in my notes on mix #2 about the guitar solo.

6. I could do without the reverb on the backing vocals. The one guitar solo part is a problem (for me at least) in this mix as it is in a number of the mixes…

7. The bottom end is very prominent in this one; I think taming it some would help make for a more balanced mix overall. Same for the reverb; I think I’m hearing excessive reverb on the organ part. Not a huge fan of the panning of the backing vocals.

8. My mix. I had limited time to mix for the contest this month but I did what I could. I don’t really hear anything that I absolutely hate… I do wish I had done a better job on the piano part during the outro (as in mix #4). Whoever voted for me, thank you.

9. The guitars are burying the lead vocal up the middle; pan them out. The backing vocals are too far back. The distortion on the lead vocal could be a cool trick to use here and there but not throughout the song. The guitar solos need to come up. The tambourine could come down.

10. The drums overall could come up (but just the highs on the kick). There’s lots of ambience in this mix – vocals, guitars… personally I would like it scaled back but that could just be me. See my comment in my notes on mix #2 about the guitar solo. The hi-hat seems to be panned to the right, which I’m not a fan of. The organ is drowning out the piano during the outro.
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