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I've had a chance to listen to some other mixes now - I really look forward to that bit, and find it intriguing.

I realized that my vox are about 1-2dB too low, and that I should have done what a few others did and kept the arrangement sparse for the first verse.

I haven't looked at all of them yet, but here are a few comments and questions:

Wolfmann: I really liked your intro - I think you got one of the best guitar sounds (with no fancy tricks). I wasn't so keen on the organ which I found a little surging from time to time, but I liked the space in your vox, and overall this was one of my favourites.

Pipeline: No doubt the best OHs of the bunch, but it sounds like you were offended by his snare technique - pretty tough gating there! And the bass! You're crazy man! Still, it's definitely a novel take on the piece.

Megagoth: I found the drums dominating, with the vocals and guitars a bit lost. I was also not too sure about the snare sound which I found a bit toppy/hashy for my taste. I wonder whether the vocal EQs might have been more effective with a couple of cuts rather than boosts all over, though this is a 'on general prinicipals' thing rather than any criticism of what you ended up with.

slops: I liked the intro except I found the OHs distracting. The vocals were very dominant, I wonder whether you really needed to use the "automakeup" on ReaComp for this track - I usually find that it does too much. I liked your bass note replacements and the pre-bridge arrangement.

localh0st: I liked the drums, but I didn't understand why you hit the phase button for the kick - was there a problem there? I also didn't quite understand the first ReaComp settings on vocals - it looked like a brickwall limiter, but I wasn't sure why you put it first? The overall mix I liked except you left all the instrumental 'issues' of timing and pitch unfixed.

Schmidty: I found the vocals a bit over-delayed, especially on headphones, but even on monitors there were a few essy echoes that were a bit distracting. Big kudos for putting your stems out. Maybe one day I'll have the guts to let the world criticize my bass playing, but not yet!

I felt I had to automate the bass a lot, because I couldn't get any punch out of it (especially those low notes, which start strong and never die). If anyone can explain how to get a compressor to deal with that lack of dynamics I'd appreciate it (I'm too lazy to do all those mouse clicks!).
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