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ok, i finally uploaded my mix for this song. been trying to work on it on and off for the last couple days. i went for a pretty simple, standard mix on this one. nothing too crazy.


like some other people already mentioned the bass notes at the end of the chorus are in the right key but don't exactly fit. i rearranged the order of two of the notes and pitched the other odd sounding note and it seemed to work much better. arrangement wise i chopped the breaks in between verses in half. for the drums i was really tempted to sit down and edit them up real nice and tight but had no time to do it unfortunately.

working with these stems makes me feel like i really focused on controlling each of the elements in the song and worked hard to get a final result i was happy with. the stems in the last mix thread were too clean and perfect right from the start. i feel like i learned alot more from this thread. also hearing some of the mixes in here impressed me way more in comparison to the last thread.

great song overall too.
i never got sick of hearing it over and over while working on this.

...thanks again for providing these stems schmidty!
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