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Originally Posted by Gizzmo0815 View Post
It would be great if some other folks could narrate their thoughts on what their thought processes were for the mix and what they did to work with the various nuances of the song.
(Here comes narration):
Just went to listen other people's fun...but four of them were removed or unaccessible. After short first pass i liked mixes from Pipeline, Louie, Megagoth (too much drums for my taste), Alterego, etc. Sorry if ommited someone, it's a long thread. And ofcourse i still like my own mix - except for master eq to kill that excitement a little (not a big fault considering that i didn't want to have any reference track).

Didn't want to make any edits at all neither, just wanted to catch the balance and make general mix, before get tired of listening...which turned out to be a mistake, because with more systematical aproach i would probabily get there much faster, with all that tracks evened/cleaned/shifted/corrected. Maybe we were too pressured by the time frame? If someone would decide that rescuing the song is worth good piece of work and taking more tedious aproach, one week certanly would not be enough even for professional

My feel is that the drums fit beautifuly in the first half of this song, but in the SECOND part they are completely misplaced soundwise and collide with the song - OR there were some more tracks which we don't know about. If you decide to leave the drums fully up in second part it then calls for some heavy compensation because there is a big "hole" in the sound balance like some instrument tracks are omitted. And Pipeline's one showed me i was on the right track. Also the whole thing is dangerously resembling to unsynchronized tape transfer track by track with all speed drifts (see this thread ).

Please continue with this, this is very exciting!

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