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Ok, Business first. Here's my mix, and RPP File:


I took some advice from some of the comments and re-did the arrangement a little (mainly just brought the drums and bass in later, and cut the organ for all but one verse and the bridge). I agree that the origional arrangement was somewhat stagnant.

This was part of a project with a friend who lives out of town, so when he comes into town it's a frenzied rush to lay down as many tracks as possible while drinking heavily (hence the pitchy and slurred vox track). As for the parts I did my self (drums and Bass) all I can say is that these drum tracks were the first tracks I did in a new space with new mics (so I was still ironing the kinks out on mic placement), and I was using cubase at the time and couldn't explode takes into lanes, so I was trying to get a single take that worked through the whole song, while improvising the part. The bass was played by ear/using a tuner plugin on the guitar track to decipher the chords, and I'm not a great bass player. All in all, I knew there were some seriouse issues with these tracks (that's part of the reason I suggested using them), but I think by the time I got the the editing phase I'd heard them wrong so many times they were starting to sound right.

All of that "being a defensive whiney brat" stuff aside, I am going to go back and re-record the drums and bass now that I've figured out my space, and this song a little better.

Thanks for the input.
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