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Originally Posted by PlebianX View Post
So now I have an easier starting point for the comps, 1 of which will typically have a long release, low/medium ratio to just even out the perceived level, and a faster one nipping any spikes/peaks in the bud. The slow compressor ignores the peaks because it's not fast enough to care, the fast one has a threshold above what the slow one is working on.

Hope that helps
Oh wow...

I just took my time to split the whole vocal line into a lot of chunks for normalization, put 2 compressors on it.

A slow one (attack around 415ms, release 100, low/medium ratio) and a fast one (attack 0ms, pre-comp 1ms, release 50ms, high ratio).
And it makes exactly what you described!

After rendering the whole thing I end up with a (compared to the horrible original file) extremely even and good sounding vocal line! This makes the vocals so much better!

Thank you a lot! A real aha-moment, haha!
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