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Originally Posted by PlebianX View Post
So now I have an easier starting point for the comps, 1 of which will typically have a long release, low/medium ratio to just even out the perceived level, and a faster one nipping any spikes/peaks in the bud. The slow compressor ignores the peaks because it's not fast enough to care, the fast one has a threshold above what the slow one is working on.

Hope that helps
You genius! Thanks, that will help a lot on the next mix, I will try that out! Definatively makes a lot of sense!

Originally Posted by pc999 View Post
I almost ditched the drums at all , but that is mostly because I dont feel like this kind of music need drums at all. I almost just keep them because I though it would be rude to cut them.

BTW what do you mean by feel unfinished?

That version 3 of your mix is quite good IMO, sometimes I even like the drums.

Maybe I will go with a v2 too.
I am a drummer, I would never ditch the drums, hahaha. Nearly got a heart-attack not hearing them, after having spent so much time trying to make mine sound ok.
I actually was thinking about not mixing this song because of the dirty drum track but decided to give it a shot.

By "unfinished" I mean that it feels that way to me, as I said before I can not really say whats wrong. I'll listen to it right now again...

Ok. What I hear:
the reverb on the vocals is too agressive, you can hear the room respond too much sometimes ("it's the first", the "my breath dissappear") and because REAPER came with a very basic but metallic-sounding crappy reverb Impulse Response it does not sound good.
Here's a good video on vocal reverbs, I tried to use that technique:
Oxford Reverb on Vocals

Another thing - the panning is nice, but maybe a tad bit too much and obvious?

It's a personal thing I think, but I do not like stuff to be obvious if it's not intented. And I dont think that this song wanted that.

2:30 - why did you take the power out of the mix? This is the song's highest most important pointe and you take out the power, maybe to make the drums and vocals stand out? But thats not the right way - the mix feels too empty and when the stuff comes back in, it's again too obvious. Does not feel natural to me.

Please take my comments with a grain of salt. They are based on my personal feel. (This is the last time I said this, since everybody wants honest feedback.)
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