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1+ for the Metal one next, if possible

Originally Posted by Megagoth1702 View Post
pc999 - the drums dont come through most of the time, the organ and guitars are too loud in my opinion. The vox are nice but too much reverb for my taste. It's too obvious.
I like how you played with the organ & guitars volume to make the whole thing more exicing! Louder, quieter, cool! Just the whole thing feels unfinished. Go give it some more love. Edit the drums a bit, look at my mix, I have a nice kickdrum solution there.

I almost ditched the drums at all , but that is mostly because I dont feel like this kind of music need drums at all. I almost just keep them because I though it would be rude to cut them.

BTW what do you mean by feel unfinished?

That version 3 of your mix is quite good IMO, sometimes I even like the drums.

Originally Posted by PlebianX View Post
Well, sticking to the current example of vocals, I used to just put a compressor on them and twist the knobs till I had it 75% there. Never did get the next 25%. This was generally with 1 track throughout a song too.
But instead of hoping a compressor would do all my work, I started to split loud choruses to a separate track, lower anything WAY over the average level, and then maybe use 2 compressors instead of 1 each with a different task. Big difference. Not that I ALWAYS do ALL of that, but you mix and match depending on content.
So now I have an easier starting point for the comps, 1 of which will typically have a long release, low/medium ratio to just even out the perceived level, and a faster one nipping any spikes/peaks in the bud. The slow compressor ignores the peaks because it's not fast enough to care, the fast one has a threshold above what the slow one is working on.

Hope that helps

That is quite interesting, it will go to my list of things to try...

Maybe I will go with a v2 too.
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