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Originally Posted by hangnef View Post
Using and enjoying HT still and have some ideas if I could.

I currently start HT and then dock it, but I have to do this every time I start it, it would be great if it could "remember" that in its config
It saves dock status now. Note that for this to be saved properly, you should close it once while docked (kind of counter-intuitive I know). In the default key layout that's CTRL + F12.

Additionally, I was thinking of having this autostart when I launch Reaper, but there is a requirement that there is MIDI item selected. Could HT just have an empty screen that just says "No MIDI item selected" and allow it to run?
This actually required some extensive changes, but I have done this now. Hopefully I didn't break anything else implementing this.

It would also be cool if HT could update the current MIDI item when selecting it in the arrange view. I did some poking around and it seems that scripts cannot receive events on Reaper actions, but polling is an option (top of loop see if the current MIDI item has changed). I usually stay within HT, but sometimes have to go to arrange to do one thing or another. This would allow the above request to work as well if HT responded to the status of the arrange view if used (i.e. clips selected, de-selected, deleted, etc).
This was already an option, just not the default. In the options panel turn on "Follow Selection".

Originally Posted by _TIP_
Also, it would be great if the default position of the bar is on the first block of channel one instead of the CC type lane, every time you run the script.

The FRs required some fairly extensive changes, so there may be some new issues lurking still.
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