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Or move the project over to another program to be able to track group the CC's and automate (draw) on how ever many tracks you want.
ProTools, Logic, Studio One - all allow you to write automation to multiple tracks (I'm pretty sure Cubase does too if you have that)

I used to wonder why I never hear of high end mixers using Reaper...
I was devastated when I realized after 18 months working on a project with a huge track count, and getting to the mix stage that I cannot link/group track automation.
I attempted to mix / workaround - but absolutely futile.
I now render stems, and move project over to ProTools, initially it was just to do all of the automation, and re render that, but its silly to move it back to Reaper, so I mix on ProTools (yuk.)

With all the amazing things Reaper can do,
it is amateur mixing software unfortunately.
Maybe V6.0 ?
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