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Been thinking all day about how to implement a solution to the Pan/Width banking problem.

After working through about 4-5 solutions in my head, all of which were pretty miserable, it hit me:

The Pan/Width/banking issue is a great example of conflating Activation and Navigation.

Long Story Short -- Zones overlay Zones underneath, they do not "travel along" with them in the Navigation Sense.

If you want something that "travels along" use a modifier.

In that sense, RotaryPush for things like Pan/Width, Cycle Sends etc., will become a Modifier, something like:

Zone Channel|1-8
    RotaryPush| Cycle
    Cycle+Rotary| TrackPan
    Cycle+Rotary| TrackPanWidth
or for Sends:

Zone Sends|1-4
    RotaryPush| Cycle
    Cycle+Rotary| TrackSend 1
    Cycle+Rotary| TrackSend 2
    Cycle+Rotary| TrackSend 3
    Cycle+Rotary| TrackSend 4
Something like that...
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