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Originally Posted by bcslaam View Post
I think LAN is a better way of doing it for inter pc (lan to lan). I've been using Copperlan for many years now and performance seems better. I havent bothered to measure/compare though.

All my keyboards and controllers have long active or passive usb extenders to the machine room. Once the midi from usb is in any pc then it can be shipped anywhere else with low jitter/latency. So in times when I need to get MIDI from the tracking room to control room I use a quiet lappy with midi/usb interface then ethernet or just one of my passive usb over ethernet extenders straight into a pc usb in the machine room.

Its a shame there are no copperlan to physical MIDI interfaces available anymore. iConnect have a MIDI to LAN feature on the bigger models that uses RTP Midid I think. Copperlan (free) has an awesome interface which I much prefer to RTP MIDI (free) or MidiOverLan (unnecessarily expensive)
Thanks for the reply.

I have just received my iconnectivity MIO4, so will be installing it soon enough and report back here when it has had a few months in situ.
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