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Glad that this is still going…

The math goes a bit above my head but maybe it is not who is right in that aspect but what is the most practical way of doing something? Certain tools have evolved because it is the most practical way of working. What I don't get is WHY the developers have chosen a different route than all other DAW's. I suspect it has to do with making tempo changes gradual and not stepped like other DAW’s (If you use a small enough resolution I don’t see a problem with stepped)

To change this would probably break old projects, but that is no exception in software land and you can keep an old version of REAPER at hand when the occasion arises?

As a side note: It still baffles me that REAPER has no native function to insert beats (every musician works with beats, not time) If you insert time with a tempo change somewhere, the arrangement wanders of the grid… A lot has been fixed but my markers still wander of the grid when using regions with a tempo map (very hard to consistently reproduce and maybe things are related to this discussion)
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