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Originally Posted by DarkStar View Post
@ Scoox,

Here's something you could try: send the feature list off to each of the main keyboard manufacturers and let us know what they say
I've already sent several feature suggestions to Roland, and so far not even a lousy firmware update... I might have better luck emailing Dave Smith or a smaller keyboard company that pride themselves in quality.

I still think better designs are possible for 500. For example, the A-PRO is mostly a well-built product. The product could be greatly improved by means of a firmware update and turning a small pot inside the unit. No added materials cost, so the product could continue to sell at the original price. It's obvious Roland don't care.

Over the years I've seen many keyboards come and go, but the Novation SL mk2 and the Roland A-PRO remain the "least bad", and their respective manufacturers don't bother to improve the product because 1) people are still buying it (even with flaws built into the design!) and 2) all other competing products are considerably worse.

Roland's A-49 is actually quite good, no bells and whistles, just a straightforward and very decent key board. If they had a 61-key version (A-61?) I would have bought that over the A-800PRO. It's the keys I'm after, not the buttons and the LED porn.

ATM I'm so emotionally detached from my A-PRO that I'm considering using making a 3D-printed Janko conversion kit for it at the risk of breaking it. And if I break it I'll just get a synth with a decent keyboard. I don't use the knobs and faders on my A-PRO anyway, so I don't think I'd be missing much.
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